I can't use FTP, do you have a File Manager?

From within cPanel you can access your online File Manager. This allows you to manage the directories and files on your domain. You can create, rename, and remove directories and files, copy or move files to another directory, publish content to a Web site, edit your pages with the inbuilt HTML editor and much more.

To use the File Manager, first log in to your cPanel:


Once logged in, towards the bottom of the page click on File Manager

Firstly a window will pop up asking which folder/directory to open. Select Web Root and click Go. This will open the public_html folder in your hosting account. This is the folder which contains your website files.

The File Manager will now open. On the left of the page you will see your hosting accounts directory structure. On the right you will see a listing of the files inside thepublic_html folder. This is the folder that contains your index.html/index.php home page file.


Create a New Folder


To create a new folder, at the top left of the File Manager page, click on New Folder. A window will appear as shown below. Enter a New Folder Name. eg images. Click onCreate New Folder.

You will now see your new folder in the file listing.

To open your newly created folder, in the left of the window, click on the folder name of the new created folder. In this example click on the images text. This folder should be listed under public_html. On the right window you should see a listing showing no records, indicating that your newly created folder is indeed empty.


Upload a File


To upload a file from your computer to your website, click on the Upload button at the top of the page. A new page will open as shown below. Click Choose File. Select the file you wish to upload from your computer and click Open.

Your file will now be uploaded. Once finished the page will show 100% Complete as shown below.


Edit a File


To edit a file, select the file you wish to edit and click the Edit button at the top of the page. In this example we will select the index.html file and edit it as shown below.

A window will pop up as shown below, click Edit.

The basic file editor will now open and display the contents of the file, in this example the index.html file. Here you can quickly do changes to html and php etc pages. For more advanced code editing you can select the Code Editor at the top of the page. Also there is a WYSIWYG HTML editor to use by clicking on the HTML Editor button at the top of the page.


Create a New File


To create a new file, click the New File button at the top of the page. Enter the name of the new file and confirm the directory to create the file in, then click Create New File as shown below.

The new file will be created and you will see it has appeared in the directory listing to the right of the File Manager page. You can now select to edit the newly created file if you wish.

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