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Free SSL Certificates

Free, Simple SSL Certificates. No Need to Install No Need to Renew

SSL can’t get any easier than this!


Secure your website and email today. Part of our cPanel web hosting service is providing free Auto SSL on all domains on a cPanel account. This makes customers happy because free is good and auto installation is good too. It also makes our job more easy.

It's Easy to Setup WordPress To Use SSL

Go to your Settings page in your WordPress admin. Update the WordPress Address and Site Address to include “https” in the URL's ie. https://yourdomain.com.au. Then click save.

Fixing an Insecure Website Warning

If after setting up SSL, your website is reporting as "Not Secure", you need to check all URL's referencing images, stylesheets, javascript files etc are using "https" and not "http". It's easy to identify these files using your web browsers "Inspector" feature. See our FAQ.