How do I add a mailbox/user?

To create/add an email account, first log in to your cPanel:

Once logged in, in the middle of the page click on Email Accounts

The email accounts page will now be shown. On this page you can create/add an email account by filling in the fields asking for the Email Account Name, Password and Quota.

In the Email field, enter the name of the email account you are wanting to create. For example, if you wish to create an email account, enter info in this field.

In the Password field, enter the password you would like the new account to have. You will also have to enter the password again to make sure of no mistakes. Please take note of the password you are giving your new email account

In the Mailbox Quota field, enter the amount in MB which you would like the email account to have. The default is 250MB but you may want to make this smaller if you are creating the account for a staff member etc

Click Create Account to finish creating the email account.

You can start sending and receiving email from this account straight away using webmail, or you can now configure your email client (eg Outlook) to start using this account.

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