How do I add an email forwarder?

To add an email forwarder, first log in to your cPanel:

Once logged in, in the middle of the page next to Email Accounts click on Forwarders.

The forwarders page will now be shown. To add a forwarder click on Add Forwarder

To create a forwarder you will need to enter the address you are wanting to forward, and the address you are wanting the email forwarded to. Once you have entered this information click on Add Forwarder.

For example, if you wanted to forward all email received at to the existing address you could enter those two addresses as shown below. Please note, the sales@ address does not need to be created as an email account if you are just wishing to use the address to forward.

You can also forward email from an address on your domain to a completely different email address you may have, for example a hotmail address.

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