My website is not coming up in a browser?

The vast majority of the time, it is because your domain name is not pointed to our DNS servers yet. If you are a new customer and have ordered a new domain name from us, it can take 24-48 hours before your domain name becomes active. Once your domain name is active, your email service will work as well.

If you are transferring your domain name to us, you need to make sure your domain name is pointed to our DNS servers. To find out if your domain name is pointed to our DNS servers, you can do a whois search under your domain name. Look at the primary and secondary DNS numbers and make sure it's pointed to the DNS servers outlined in your Welcome Email.

Sometimes customers can accidentally get themselves blocked from our servers. If you find yourself not able to access your site or email or our website, then you might be blocked. Reasons your IP can be blocked include if you have too many failed login attempts to email/webmail/cpanel etc. Eg you entered the wrong password too many times.

If you think your IP has been blocked please contact our support department and include your IP address so we can unblock you and rectify the situation.

To get your computers IP address visit

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