What happens after I place my order?

Below is a guideline to help you get your website setup and running as quickly and easily as possible. You are encouraged to read these instructions to get an understanding of how our system works, and how to best make it work for you.


1: I just signed up


After signing up we will process your order and setup your account. If paying by credit card, you should expect to receive your welcome email within 4 hours. If payment is made via bank transfer or cheque, you will receive your welcome email upon completion of payment. This welcome email contains your login details and user information to get you started using cpanel, upload your site, and transferring your domain.


2: Transferring your domain


In order to move your existing domain name to us, you need to login at your domain name registrar (the company you registered your domain with) and update the "DNS" records for your domain to reflect our DNS servers you received in your Welcome Email.

Alternatively you can send us the login details for your domain registrar and we will update the DNS servers for you.


3: Domain propagation


Propagation refers to the time it takes for your domain to be recognized by Internet providers around the world. Some of our services require your domain to have completed propagation.

If you are transferring a domain name to us, once you have updated the DNS servers it can take up to 72hrs before your update is fully recognised by all the servers around the world. This is called 'propagating'. Although we say 72hrs the period is often 12-24hrs or less depending on the network you are connected to the internet with.


4: Site Upload/Creation


To upload your existing site you can use either FTP, or the Online File Manager in cPanel. If your current site uses cPanel we can help transfer the site.


5: Email Setup


Your email will become active once your domain has propagated. To check your email, you can use either WebMail, or an email client of your choice. eg Outlook


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