How do I create Redirects?

Redirects allow you to make a specific web address point to a different address and display the contents of that page.

To create a Redirect, first log in to your cPanel:

Once logged in, towards the bottom of the page click on Redirects

The Redirects page will now be shown as below. To add a redirect, first set the redirect to either Permanent or Temporary. This is important not only for bookmarks as explained in the screenshot below, but also for search engines and whether they update their links with the new page address.

After selecting either Permanent or Temporary, enter the address of the page/folder you want redirected by selecting the domain and entering the page/folder name. Enter just the domain if you wish the entire domain/website to redirect. In the redirects to field enter the new address you wish to have the page/folder redirect to.

In the www redirection: selection it's usually best to choose Redirect with or without www. Click the Add button to create the redirect.

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