How do I backup MySQL?

If your website uses a MySQL database it is important you take regular backups of your database(s). If you are running an ecommerce or similair site where content is regularly being updated it is recommended to take a backup of your database daily.

To backup your databases, first log in to your cPanel:

Once logged in, in the middle of the page click on Backups

In the Partial Backups section of the Backups Page, click on the database name underDownload a MySQL Database Backup to download a zip file to your computer containing the database. This file can then easily uploaded and restored by you at a later date if needed.

Restoring MySQL Backups

To restore a MySQL backup file you have on your computer, on the Backups page, under Restore a MySQL Database, click on Choose file.

A window will pop up and you can find and select the MySQL backup file, it will have a filename similair to dbname.sql.gz. Then click Upload. Once you click on the Upload button it will pop up a new window and the restore process will start.

For more details about cPanel backups you can visit the official cPanel site:

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