Mailbox is Full - How do I check? How do I clear it?

- Log in to cPanel and check your disk usage to see if your email account is full. To do this first log in to your cPanel:

Once logged in, in the left column of the page you will see your Account Info or Stats. Check your Disk Space Usage to make sure you are not using all your available diskspace. If you have reached or are over quota this will affect your ability to send and receive emails.

We also need to check the individual email account quotas. Towards the middle of the cPanel page click on Email Accounts

The main email accounts page will now open and in the middle of this page you will see a listing of all your email accounts on your domain. The info next to each account shows the disk space quota for each account and how much they have used. If an account is over quota simply click on the Change Quota link to the right of the account and set a new quota.

If an email account is using all it's disk quota, but you are not sure why because you have checked your email account and it is empty, it is possible there is some mail hidden in a folder, usually the sent folder. This is can happen if you have been using webmail to send mail from your account.

To check, log in to your webmail.

You will be asked for a username and password. Your username is the whole email address you want to check, eg

Once logged in select the email client you normally use for webmail. Most likely it is SquirrelMail. You will then be presented with your inbox. There will also be a column, either to the left or right of your inbox, showing your email folders.

Check these folders, particularly the Sent and Trash folders, for emails that are using up space. To delete mail form the Sent folder select the messages you want deleted and move them to the Trash folder. To delete mail from the Trash folder there should be a link next to the folder labelled Purge.

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