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Managing DNS Zones

If you are using our cPanel web hosting

To manage your DNS records using cPanel:

► Login to cPanel

► click Zone Editor

From there you can edit any DNS records for any domain name associated with your hosting account. Please be careful making changed to your records as incorrect settings can make your website and email go offline until corrected.

If your domain is registered with us but you don’t use our cPanel web hosting

To manage your DNS records when you don’t have a cPanel account with us you will need to contact us and request we turn on the DNS Hosting option for your domain. Create a ticket and request the DNS Hosting addon for your domain.

Once DNS Hosting is turned on your can login to our website and manage your domain records.

► Login to our website

► click Domains

► click My Domains

► click Active (or spanner icon)

► click Domain Options

► select DNS hosting

► click DNS Hosting / URL Forwarding (in left menu).

You can then add/edit your DNS records.

When the DNS Hosting option is selected the nameservers for your domain will automatically be set to:


These are the DNS Hosting nameservers.