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Free SSL Certificates

Is SSL installed on my domain

You need to visit your website by typing https://yourdomain.com.au into your web browser. Don’t forget to add the “s” to the http part, that is what makes the site use the SSL certificate.

If there is a small padlock image displayed before your domain then SSL is installed. However it may say insecure but the SSL could still be installed. To check this you need to click the insecure word or padlock before your domain, some information will then appear saying if a valid certificate exists or not.


If the certificate appears valid and the browser is saying the site is insecure then your website will be using images or css or javascript files etc that are not referenced using the https protocol. You will need to identify these files in your web pages and update their URL’s to use https instead of http.

Installing SSL on my domain

For SSL to be successfully install on your domain, your domain must be pointing to our web hosting servers. This is so the SSL provider