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I want to cancel my hosting account

You can cancel your hosting account at anytime, there are no cancellation fees or costs.

To cancel a hosting account login to our website, click Services ► My Services ► Active ► Request Cancellation in left menu.

You can choose to cancel Immediately or at End of Billing Cycle.

If you choose to cancel Immediately, your hosting account will be deleted after 12am the same day you request the cancellation.

If you choose to cancel at End of Billing Cycle, your hosting account will be deleted at the end of the current billing period which is the next renewal date.

When a hosting account is cancelled the whole cPanel account will be deleted including website files, databases and all emails.

How do I pay my invoice

Payment method options include credit card or PayPal. Manual Credit Card Login to our website: ► click Billing ► then My Invoices ► click on

Delete a PayPal subscription

Login to your PayPal account and go to the subscriptions page. On the subscriptions page you can delete the subscription for your web hosting with