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I have my hosting currently with another company, what is the process to change over to you?

Question: I have my hosting currently with another company which will run out in 10 days. Is there a process to change over or do I wait until it runs out there before I sign up with you? How long does it take to be hosted & up & running?

Answer: If you are using cPanel control panel at your current host we can help you move your whole site and emails by taking a backup and importing the account. We don’t charge for this. We can do that same day or within a day of ordering. If your current web hosting does not use cPanel then you will need to manually move your site across. We don’t do manual site transfers. It usually takes a web designer a few minutes to a couple of hours to move a website and test it. You can start moving your website files immediately after ordering with us.

It’s best to move your site before the hosting runs out if you don’t want it to go offline if the current hosting turns off the account. Once ordered you can setup your website and emails on our server before moving your domain name to us. Once you’ve done that you only need to update the nameservers of your domain to our nameservers, which we include in our setup email after ordering. To update nameservers you need to login to where you registered your domain name. We can help with that if needed but we will require the login info.