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Free SSL Certificates

How quickly will my hosting account be setup

New Customers

When first ordering with us we do a quick fraud check on the order then the hosting account is setup. This can take a few minutes. Once confirmed you will receive your hosting account setup email.

Existing Customers

If you are already a customer of ours then your hosting account will be setup immediately without having to go through the fraud check process.

SSL Certificate Setup

SSL Certificates are setup once your domain is pointing to your web hosting account with us. If ordering a new domain with your hosting the SSL will be setup immediately. If you are updating your nameservers for your domain the SSL will take a few hours, at the latest overnight, to be installed automatically.

How do I pay my invoice

Payment method options include credit card or PayPal. Manual Credit Card Login to our website: ► click Billing ► then My Invoices ► click on

Do you offer dedicated IP addresses?

No we don’t sell dedicated IP addresses for web hosting accounts. Dedicated IP addresses don’t offer any advantages for email or SEO purposes. Our outgoing