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An Example of How to Transfer Your .AU Domain Name from GoDaddy Registrar to our Domain Services


Hello there,

I am the IT support consultant for a small business. Their .org.au domain name is currently with GoDaddy.

We wish for support to assist us in transferring this domain name from GoDaddy to comauHOST. I can rebuild the website from scratch on WordPress at comauHOST once you have control of the domain name.

Can you please assist us with the domain name transfer? The quicker that we can do this the better as currently the website is down at GoDaddy and inaccessible.



The best thing to do is to update the nameservers first to ours so you can start working on the new website. You can then attempt the domain registration transfer after the nameservers have been updated.

To update the nameservers the status may need to be changed. It appears the status of the domain is:
Status clientDeleteProhibited
Status clientUpdateProhibited

Are you able to login to godaddy to manage the domain?

If you can’t update the domain or the nameservers then instead you can start the transfer.

You will need access to the current domain contact email address to receive and confirm the transfer email confirmation link. And also to retrieve the transfer password for the domain if you aren’t able to access the password from within the godaddy login.

If the status is not updated after the transfer we can contact the Registrar to ask for the status to be changed back to the standard status of “OK” then we can update the nameservers.


Thank you Glen.

When I get access to the GoDaddy console, how do I initiate the transfer to comauHOST? That is, is there a place within GoDaddy where I can indicate the new host company I wish to move the domain to?


Ok. The domain status has most likely been turned on by default by godaddy to prevent changes and possibly to make it harder for customers to leave.

Look for the .auLOCKDOWN (lock) setting in the godaddy console. This is most likely turned on. You want to turn it off.

I dont know how long it will take godaddy to change the status after turning it off, godaddy may have to do it manually. You may even need to contact them to ask them to turn if off and/or to change the domain status.

If you can update the nameservers you can update to ours which are:

This will point the domain to our servers. You can then order a hosting account with us and the domain will start working.

To initiate the domain registration transfer to us, you do that from our website order form. Place an order for the domain transfer, you will need the domain transfer password (alternate names: Authcode/EPP) which you can get from godaddy console or request from here:

If all else fails and you have access to the domain contact email, you can still transfer the domain to us which takes 48 hours to complete. Once transferred you can then turn off .auLOCKDOWN and then update the nameservers and we can help if further assistance is required.


Thank you very much. I’m just waiting now on the password from the business owner so that I can go into GoDaddy and initiate this change. Will contact you if I need further assistance with the transfer. Thanks again.


DNS has been updated.

It is now reflected in GoDaddy.

I have gotten GoDaddy to email the domain transfer password.

We will now initiate the domain name transfer.


Great. The domain status looks good, “Ok”. You can check here:

Out of interest, did you find a .auLOCKDOWN setting at godaddy?

You can order the domain transfer and hosting account at the same time if you wish.


Yes, I found the lockdown setting and turned it OFF.


It has already changed for me on my ISP network. So it should have propagated everywhere through the internet by later today. Which means people can start hitting the new website straight away.


I have completed the domain transfer order. The status is still saying ‘Pending Transfer’. How long does it take to complete and become active?

Also, I have installed WordPress.


An email was sent to the domain contact email with a confirmation link for the domain transfer. The link in the email needs to be clicked to confirm the transfer. After that it can take 48 hours to complete.


Thank you. I have clicked the link and confirmed the domain transfer.


Great. After 48 hours the domain registration will change from Pending to Active in your account with us.


Thank you for your help to date. Nearing the end now. I have completed the website. Customers are now able to access the website instead of being presented with a broken link which is good news.


The domain registration has now completed transfer and is Active in your account.


Thank you so much for all your help. I am done. You may close this ticket.
Thank you.


You’re welcome. Let us know if you need any further assistance.