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Creating MySQL / MariaDB databases in cPanel

► Login to cPanel

► Go to Databases ► MySQL Databases.

► On that MySQL Databases page enter the name for your new database and click “Create Database”.

► Go back to MySQL Databases page, scroll down to the MySQL Users and “Add New User”.

► Enter a username and password for the new MySQL user and click “Create User”.

► Go back to the MySQL Databases page and scroll down to “Add user to database”.

► Have the correct user and database selected, then click “Add User to Database” and then select “All privileges” and then click “Make changes”.

Your database is now ready. You will need to check your website’s configuration file for what database name, database username and password are set and update to the new details. The database host should be set as “localhost”.

You can use phpMyAdmin to manage your database and manually add and edit data records.

cPanel ► Databases ► phpMyAdmin. When the phpMyAdmin window opens click on the database name in the left column to start viewing and editing the database.

phpMyAdmin can be used to import database files of your existing databases:

► Click on the database name in the left column to select the database you want to import into.

► Click the Import tab at the top right of the page.

► Click “Choose File” and choose your database file on your PC.

► Click “Go” at bottom of page and then wait for the database import to finish.