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Create and download manual backup in cPanel

In cPanel at any time you can quickly perform a Full cPanel Backup of your entire web hosting account. The cPanel backup zip file created will contain of all your files, databases, emails, email accounts and other settings. Download the backup file to your PC to keep a local copy for yourself.

Please note: our backup system will automatically take a full backup your hosting account each week. The backups are stored remotely. You can read more about our backup system here: Downloading weekly backups in cPanel

Generate a Full Backup:

1 – Login to your cPanel, then go to Files ► Backup.

2 – Below the Full Backup section, click Download a Full Account Backup.

3 – Select Home Directory as the Backup Destination to save the backup to your home directory of your hosting account.

4 – Enter an email address if you want to receive an email notifying you of when the backup is complete.

5 – Click Generate Backup to start the process. Depending on how much data is in your account the backup process can take from a few minutes to a little longer to complete.

6 – After completion download the backup file from your cPanel ► Files ► Backup. Underneath the Full Backup section there is a link to your backup file.

7- The backup file is also stored in your /home directory and can be downloaded using the cPanel File Manager or FTP.

8 – Once you have downloaded your backup file from the server you should delete the backup file from the server. Use cPanel File Manager or FTP to delete.

Please note :

– The backup file is a zip file. You can unzip the file on your PC, then you can upload and restore individual portions of your website.

– If your hosting account is near or over disk quota, the backup process may fail because the system cannot write necessary files. Please contact us in this scenario.

How to access cPanel

Easy cPanel login ► Login to our website ► click Services  ► click Active (for the domain you want to use) ► click Login to cPanel