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Changing ownership of a .AU domain

When transferring the ownership of a .au domain name, the domain must be re-registered to the new owners. Confirmation is required from the current and new owners for the transfer to be successful.

It is a manual process. You will need to contact us to begin the process. We will then issue an invoice, the cost will be $22 and includes 1 year registration. Once the invoice is paid we can begin the official process.

Once started a number of confirmation emails will be sent out to the current and new owners. The emails will contain confirmation links which need to be clicked to push the transfer through each step of the process.

The process can be completed within one day. Once completed the domain will be transferred to the new owners ABN/ACN and the domain re-registered for a new period of 1 year.

Who can register .org.au or .asn.au domains

.org.au and .asn.au domains can only be registered by non-commercial organisations. The organisation must be registered as an Australian incorporated association or an Australian charity