Question: We are wanting to switch from our current webhost to comauHost sometime soon but was wondering how long this transition would take and how it might affect our emails or anything else? Is this difficult to do? Whats involved?

Our domain name is currently with Crazy Domains. We have someone working on a new website now so when its done, the plan is for it to be hosted by comauHost. Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.

Answer: The transfer over is usually quite quick. Once you have your account with us you can upload your website files to the new account before you change over the domain name so the site is ready once the domain has changed over.

To change over the domain, you will need to login to crazydomains and update the DNS servers to our DNS servers. A few hours after that (usually less) the domain will start pointing to your account with us. If you don’t cancel the old hosting until after the transition is completed then the website will not appear down for anyone, there will just be a period of a few hours when some people will get the new site and some will get the old. This depends on the ISP they are using.

The same is the case with emails, if you have the email accounts created with us before you do the DNS change then after the change emails will start arriving at your account with us. There is a chance in the change over period (the few hours I mentioned earlier) where some emails will get delivered to the old host. After the changeover you can check to see if any emails have gone to the old host either by using the old hosts webmail system, or by adjusting your mail clients (outlook) settings to check the mail server IP or server name, rather than the

Question: That all sounds pretty simple which is great. However, is it required for the domain name registration to be transferred at the same time or can this wait? Because our renewal isn’t due for another year or so.

Answer: No you don’t have to transfer the domain registration.