Setting up Email in Outlook 2011 for Mac

To setup your email account in Outlook 2011 for Mac

1) Click “Tools“, the click “Accounts“.

2) Click “E-mail Account“.

3) In the “E-mail Address” field enter your full email address.

4) Enter your password for the email account in the “Password” field.

5) In the “User name” field enter your full email address.

6) Select your server type, either […]

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How do I setup email on my iPhone?

Question: How do I setup my email account on my iPhone?

Answer: Assuming you have already created your email account in your cPanel, use these settings:

On your iPhone, in Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendar, tap Add Account, then select Other as the email provider.

(For this example we will user username@yourdomain.com.au as your email address, and […]

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I can receive emails but not send them.

Question: I have recently set up my website. I have been trying to run the email through my Outlook. I can receive emails  but not send them.

Answer: In Outlook if using POP3 make sure you have set the outgoing SMTP port to 26. Sometimes ISP’s block […]

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