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Free SSL Certificates

Do you allow Remote database connections

As a security measure we do not provide access to databases on our server from remote connections. Remote database connections is often not a feature of shared hosting plans. To use this feature you may need to pay more to another hosting company or get yourself a VPS. Some shared hosting companies will provide a […]

Transferring a domain name registration to us

If you want to transfer a domain name registration to us you may do so by placing a domain transfer order on our website. During the order process you will be required to enter the domain name transfer password. If you don’t know your domain transfer password you can get it from your current Domain […]

Change the default payment method for my account

Once logged into our website: ► go to Account ► Edit Account Details ► Select a Payment Method ► Save Changes. Automatic credit card payments will occur if you select Credit Card as the default payment method and you have an active credit card entered on the Manage Credit Card page.

Delete a PayPal subscription

Login to your PayPal account and go to the subscriptions page. On the subscriptions page you can delete the subscription for your web hosting with us. PayPal subscriptions will automatically be deleted if you cancel your hosting with us.

Managing DNS Zones

If you are using our cPanel web hosting To manage your DNS records using cPanel: ► Login to cPanel ► click Zone Editor From there you can edit any DNS records for any domain name associated with your hosting account. Please be careful making changed to your records as incorrect settings can make your website […]

Add email forwarder

► Login to cPanel ► click Forwarders  ► Add Forwarder  ► enter the “Address to Forward” you want to create  ► check the correct domain is selected  ► enter the Forward to Email Address  ► click Add Forwarder

Park another domain on my website

For a Parked domain to work you need to update the nameservers of the domain to ours. The same as your main domain nameservers. After changing the nameservers login to cPanel: ► click Aliases  ► enter the domain into the form ► click Add Domain button The domain will then point to your website and you […]

What nameservers should I use to point my domain to your hosting servers

You can find your nameservers in your account. ► Login to our website ► click Services ► click My Services ► click Active button for account you want the nameservers for ► you will then see your nameservers listed for that domain If you ordered a domain name registration at the same time you ordered […]