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Free SSL Certificates

Add email forwarder

► Login to cPanel

► click Forwarders 

► Add Forwarder 

► enter the “Address to Forward” you want to create 

► check the correct domain is selected 

► enter the Forward to Email Address 

► click Add Forwarder

Logging into webmail

To login to webmail using a web browser type your domain into the address bar with /webmail at the end: ► https://yourdomain.com.au/webmail ► then enter

Check email settings

► Login to cPanel ► click Email Accounts ► click CONNECT DEVICES ► Use the SSL settings on that page SSL Email Settings Username: example@yourdomain.com.auPassword:

Creating email accounts

► Login to cPanel ► click Email Accounts ► click +CREATE ► enter your email username  ► enter a password  ► set the Storage Space