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Activate ID privacy protection on my domain

ID privacy is not available for .au domains. But for other domains you can turn it on to prevent unwanted spam coming into your domain contact email address.

► Login to our website

► click Domains

► click My Domains

► click Active (or spanner icon)

► click Addons

► ID protection.

If you see a “Disable” button then your ID protection is already turned on, you don’t need to do anything.

If it says “Buy Now for $0.00” then your ID protection is not turned on.

► click Buy Now for $0.00

► on the next page click it again

ID protection will then be turned on for the domain.

Changing ownership of a .AU domain

When transferring the ownership of a .au domain name, the domain must be re-registered to the new owners. Confirmation is required from the current and

Who can register .org.au or .asn.au domains

.org.au and .asn.au domains can only be registered by non-commercial organisations. The organisation must be registered as an Australian incorporated association or an Australian charity

Managing DNS Zones

If you are using our cPanel web hosting To manage your DNS records using cPanel: ► Login to cPanel ► click Zone Editor From there